Rivers – Float Fishing

Running water still holds a huge attraction to a selection of anglers and we’d all agree that if you can fish running water well then you can fish anywhere…the skill needed to catch fish on a river is considerable. Many old-timers such as myself were brought up on fishing rivers, the commercial stillwater fishery so popular nowadays hadn’t been invented. In those days it was a choice between rivers or canals and in my mind canals were full of boats and the canal towpaths were frequented by cyclists traveling at breakneck speed or dog walkers who weren’t too bothered whether they cleaned up after their pets. It was, as they say a “no-brainer” and I spent many hours fishing the rivers around London such as theĀ  Thames, Mole, Wey, Lea, KennetĀ  and Hampshire Avon. Catching 20 lb of fish was a red letter day, these days you’d need to add a nought on the end when fishing for carp on my favourite complex of lakes.

I suspect that only a tiny proportion of beginners will nowadays begin their fishing lives on a flowing river although as I said earlier, if you can fish a river you’ll be a better angler than one who has only ever fished heavily stocked lakes.

For those people who would like to fish our rivers, the tackle suggested for float fishing in lakes will work just fine. You might need some different floats, especially if you’re fishing rivers with some flow such as the Severn or the Trent and I’ve put together a little flowing water pack at the bottom of this page..

This next video gives you some ideas on how to fish a flowing river

And another Shakespeare video fishing for roach on the River Ribble. Ignore the ads and enjoy the fishing!.

Here’s a little pack that will enable you to fish flowing water with the same tackle that we suggested for float fishing on lakes and ponds.

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