Lakes and Ponds – Pole Fishing

Walk around any fishing lakes these days and you’ll see most anglers using a pole. Many of these are 16 metres long, comprising 9 or 10 sections that push together, enabling you to fish 16 metres away if you’re strong enough, or use less sections and fish 11 metres or less sections still and fish at 6 metres. A top of the range 16 metre pole can easily cost over £2,000 !.  The advantage of the pole over rod and line is that with a pole you can fish in exactly the same spot all the time. Throw a handful of sweetcorn into the lake and then drop your bait in exactly the same spot…it’s a very easy way of fishing.  The poles have elastic running through the inside of the top one or two sections and this provides a cushioning effect should you hook a whopper. Once you hook a decent fish you need to remove some sections of the pole until you have just the top one or two sections in your hand. Then it’s a case of letting the elastic do its work, the fish will gradually come towards you ready for netting. Fishing this way lets you land some very big fish on relatively light lines, I’ve caught two carp over 20 lb using 5lb breaking strain line.

This first video is a great introduction to pole fishing

And in this one, although the sound isn’t too brilliant  the angler is fishing with a short pole, just like the ones that we suggest in our pole starter pack.

Carp have learned over the years that late in the afternoon fishermen will throw their unused bait into the edges of the lake and you’ll find that many of the lake’s biggest inhabitants will move into the edges at this time to hoover up all that spare bait. Fishing in the edge can be a very exciting method of fishing and it’s perfectly suited to the short pole, that’s why they’re often referred to as “margin poles”. Use bigger baits such as sweetcorn, luncheon meat or big pellets and you’re bound to catch a few.

The pole starter pack that we recommend contains a Middy 6 metre pole that is supplied with two already elasticated top kits, one for silver fish such as bream or roach and the other top kit is designed for catching carp. It’s the PERFECT pole for the beginner.

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In its simplest form pole fishing needs only the pole plus a length of line holding the float, weights and a hook, this is called a pole rig. Our starter pack includes two sets of rigs, one for carp fishing, the other for catching silver fish i.e. the rigs match the two elasticated pole sections on our Middy Pole. I’ve also included some weights so that you can add a small weight or two if the float sticks too far out of the water plus a selection of barbless hooks as replacements for those on the rigs. There’s also a basic landing net and a disgorger to help you to unhook your fish.

I haven’t included a haversack / seat but there are plenty of Fishing Seats available on Amazon.