Lakes & Ponds – Feeder Fishing

Originally termed a “swim feeder” the name has now been shortened to a feeder. The idea of the feeder is to put your hookbait close to a small helping of groundbait, often quite a distance from the bank. Feeders themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each type designed for a slightly different style of fishing.

A selection of feeders

The rod used for feeder fishing is a completely different design to one used for float fishing. It tends to be shorter, somewhere between 9ft and 11ft is typical, and it has a more forgiving action, bending all the way through the rod, whereas a float rod has a much more “tippy” action with just the top section of the rod bending when a fish is hooked. The feeder rod will also have either a push-in or built-in quiver tip which attaches to the tip of the rod and this is used to signal bites. Lines used for feeder fishing tend to be stronger than those used when float fishing, with 6lb or 8lb breaking strain line being used. You can certainly use the same reel for both types of fishing, but you might need to have an extra spool for the reel so that you can have float fishing line on one spool and feeder fishing line on another,

This video is a great explanation of the different styles of feeder fishing on commercial fisheries.

And in this video Des Shipp, one of the top UK anglers talks about fishing the method feeder, probably the most popular style of feeder fishing here in the UK.

The selection of tackle below will handle any feeder fishing requirement on any commercial fishery and on most other lakes. Some very large lakes need specialist equipment in order to cast a considerable distance but those types of lake are not really suitable for beginners.  The simple reason is that it will probably be too hard to catch a fish and beginners above all else need to catch something. That’s the reason that we always recommend starting on one of the many commercial day-ticket fisheries that are spread all over the UK. Some day ticket fisheries have a professional angler that can offer lessons to beginners but all of them will have other anglers fishing and most fishermen that I know will help a beginner if he or she explains that they’re just starting and have hit upon a problem.

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