Lakes & Ponds – Float Fishing

Float fishing used to be a very popular method of fishing in stillwaters but these days the pole has taken over and it’s quite rare to see any serious anglers fishing with a rod and line unless they are fishing the feeder although float fishing with a rod and line is still popular with some of the older anglers.

This video from Shakespeare has a really good explanation of fishing a “waggler” on a lake or pond. The idea of fishing with this type of float is to sink the line under the surface rather than letting the line drift in the wind. If your bait is being blown along the surface your bait will be moving along under the water, looking totally unnatural to any fish fish swimming around.

I hope that you enjoyed the video, it’s a very good explanation of how to use the waggler. And here’s another excellent video about fishing the waggler

OK, so here’s my idea of the perfect “starter” waggler setup. As you’ll see, I’ve included an 11 – 13 ft rod. The 11ft version is ideal for any youngster starting out on their fishing journey. A rod of 12 or 13 feet would be more likely for an experienced angler but that extra length would make the rod just a little more difficult to handle for a youngster. However with this rod you can add another section, converting it from 11ft to 13ft.

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You’ll also notice that there’s some barbless hooks. Years ago everybody used barbed hooks but they were very difficult to remove from the fish, sometimes damaging the fish’s mouth. Nowadays we use barbless hooks for all of our fishing, they are simple to remove and many commercial fisheries have a “barbless hooks only” rule. I’ve also added a disgorger, a simple tool for removing a hook that’s in an awkward place on a hooked fish, you’ll soon get the hang of using this simple tool.

I haven’t included a haversack / seat but there are plenty of Fishing Seats available on Amazon.