Coarse Fishing – Lakes & Ponds

Here in the UK fishing in lakes and ponds is the most popular branch of the sport. The last decade has seen many lakes built specifically for fishing and most of them are termed “commercial fisheries”, lakes that have been stocked with fish such as carp, bream, roach and  sometimes barbel. All of these fish will put a bend in your rod and are very popular with the modern angler.

Fishing near to the car park
Many commercial fisheries have car parks situated very close to the fishing lakes, ideal for us old-timers

On all of these day ticket fisheries you must return all of the fish that you catch, they’re not worth eating, they are all bones and I’m told that they taste of mud!.  Day tickets can cost anything between £3 and £10 and most of the fisheries have a set of rules designed to protect the fish stocks, the lake surroundings and other anglers. Typical rules are likely to be such things as “No Dogs”, “No Radios”, “No Fires” and “No Unaccompanied  Children” all rules designed to ensure that your peaceful day out isn’t spoiled by the selfish actions of others. Many fisheries also ask that you do not use a keepnet whilst pleasure fishing, this is just to keep fish stocks as healthy as possible.

Becketts Pool at Coppice Lane Fishery
Most day ticket fisheries are well kept with manicured lawns and sturdy fishing platforms

The advantages of fishing a commercial fishery are numerous, here are a few :

  • Well stocked waters ensuring good sport for the anglers
  • Many fisheries have decent facilities such as toilets, cafes and tackle / bait shops
  • The fisheries are on private land meaning less chance of vehicles being vandalised or broken into compared with parking in public areas
  • Well kept banks, no trecking over ploughed fields or ditches
  • Many fisheries have platforms or prepared level areas to fish from
  • Many fisheries hold regular fishing matches that anyone can enter (my favourite branch of the sport)

There are three main methods for fishing on lakes and ponds, so I’ll do a page for each of :-

Note – We are not talking about specimen carp fishing here, that’s an entirely different branch of the sport and that’s covered on the Carp Fishing page.