Swiftys Fishing Tackle – Introduction

Many young anglers are taken fishing for the first time by their Dad, uncle or family friend. In my case nobody else was interested in fishing. I went with a school friend and from that moment I was well and truly hooked. I’d cycle miles with my fishing rod attached to the crossbar of my bike, a little ex-army haversack on my back. I’ve now just celebrated my 69th birthday, I guess I’ve been a fisherman for about sixty years.

I’ve fished in lots of rivers and lakes in the south of England and now I’ve moved to the Midlands, only 2 miles from my all-time favourite fishery, The Glebe, just outside Leicester. In those sixty years I’ve been lucky enough to fish in some wonderful places such as British Columbia on Canada’s west coast and Key West, the furthest of the string of islands that forms the Florida Keys. I’ve wet a line in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Denmark, the United States and Canada and I’ve seen some wonderful things whilst fishing. I’ll write a page about those things another day.

Fishing was once the most popular sport in Britain, in fact more people went fishing than watched football matches. Sadly, those days are gone. Today’s youngsters are more interested in computer games and social media, the average age of anglers is steadily rising and for any number of reasons that’s a great shame. Anglers are the guardians of our waterways, if there’s ever a problem such as pollution in a river or lake it will likely be an angler that notices it and reports it to the authorities. Because we see our favourite riverĀ  or lake so frequently we are able to notice any subtle changes and report them to the fishery owners, hopefully preventing any serious damage to our fisheries.

I’ve gone a bit off track here, so back to my original point. If we have somebody willing to teach our budding new angler the right way to fish then they’ll be on the road to success. However if there’s nobody in the family who is interested in the sport then it can be a rocky road getting started. Parents often appreciate the benefits of their children taking up a hobby or pastime but what needs to be purchased in order for their son or daughter to start fishing?. It’s always been a good idea to ask for advice in your local fishing tackle shop but many of those have closed over the years and there might not be one within a reasonable distance from home. So many things are bought online these days that I wondered what I might find on Amazon that might be suitable for somebody just taking up the sport. I was truly disappointed to see that the best selling “starter kit” for fishing was very poor quality and it comprised items that just weren’t right for the job including lead shot which has been banned here in the UK for at least twenty years!!.

I decided that I’d put together a selection of fishing starter kits from single items available on Amazon for a variety of different fishing styles from freshwater to fly fishing to sea fishing. They might not be quite as cheap as the starter kit that contains illegal lead shot but they are carefully selected to allow a beginner to enjoy his day’s fishing and hopefully catch some fish from their very first attempt.

A quick word about how the site’s organised, You’ll find a page on for example fishing in lakes and ponds and then underneath that you’ll find more specific pages suggesting tackle for pole fishing in lakes and ponds, feeder fishing in lakes and ponds etc. Here’s the layout at the moment :

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